A Patent Carbon Fiber Rod Holder & Rocket Launcher Boat Shade Pole

(US 8778123, 8845845, 9884473 and 9592657)

Availble to OEM, Brokers, Customers, and Canvas Shops

The rod holder pole provides fast, temporary, easy stowage shade for a variety of sportfish, center console and pleasure boats. I have a patent socket for the break-down point for receiving another tubular pole. Super strong.

The sticks are flexed under a small load that provides self tension of the shade and prevents them from pulling out of the rod holders. We use a Clamcleat® and micro swivel block for easy set up from the cockpit. All shades and sticks height are custom to the boat for a perfect fit. A second snap hook can be added to the line to lower the shade.

The shade fabric I have used for years is Serge Ferrari Soltis 86 mesh. It handles weather conditions, mildew resistant, cooler and more dimensionally stable than a solid or stretch shade fabric. Soltis 86 uses a technology called Precontraint that provides excellent dimensional properties in the fabric. This eliminates deformation or elongation of the fabric that can be caused from the active force due to wind, rain and boat speed, providing a longer lifespan for your shade. Soltis 86 is the right shade fabric which handles the ever changing conditions that are placed on your boat.

My carbon fiber of choice is dry braid sleeves and the method of manufacturing the tubes is compression molding (US 9592657 patent). All done in house and made in the USA.

The Blackstick® Difference

What makes Blackstick® different from the pre-preg woven carbon fiber shade poles is the toughness and flex the braid sleeve provides to the carbon pole.

Blackstick® in the Press

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