How to Get a Stick Height

Customers that are measuring the shades for their boats need to get a stick height.

Place a stout fishing pole in the stern or bow rod holder depending on the shade you want.  Tie a string to it and tension it 6 to 8 inches toward the hard top. (You can use two people. One at the hard top and the other at the bow.) Move the string up or down till it is level with the hard top. Pull the fishing pole out of the rod holder and measure to the bottom of the rod this is your height.

Once you get the measurements, email your shipping information and call 941-773-2410 with your credit card info. I will then send you the sticks and instructions on how to measure the shade.

Customer did an awesome job measuring the shade. Jupiter 30
Bow Rod Holder Shade Strapped Around Handrail.
Cool view!!