Carbon Fiber Patent Break Down Boat Shade Pole


Boat Friendly
  • Blackstick® is a very flexible pole that provides self tension of the shade with a small working load (14 to 20 lbs).  The spring action in the stick is constantly exerting a force to pull back the shade but will flex inward to absorb external forces such as increase in boat speed or wind gust. The  give and take result is less stress at the rod holders.  The traditional stainless, aluminum and  carbon fiber prepreg roll wrapped shade struts are stiff and a greater load is transfer to the rod holder.
  • Rod Holders are the receiving point for  Blackstick®. The rod holder's 9 inch tube that extends below the gunnel provides a strong support for the stick and reduces the stress at the load bearing point on the deck by transferring the load downward along the tube. This is kinder to the structural integrity around the rod holder.
  • A&P Technology carbon fiber dry braid sleeve provides an evenly distributed load throughout the stick due to the continuous braid structure, mechanically locking in the weave. This combination makes a strong, high torsional strength,  fatigue resistance,  improved interlaminar shear pole.
  • Blackstick®'s breakpoint is a balance between maintaining  form during normal conditions but will give way due to extreme forced placed at the receiving points (Rod Holder or Mount). Actual Incidents - running in to pilings, mangroves, bridges, boat lifts, excessive speed, excessive speed trying to out run a squall line (Squall Won), bad weather, falling on to the shade and a really bad shade design that pools water. I rather the sticks break before causing damage to the boat's receiving point. It is an easy fix. I just replace the bottom section of the stick.​
User Friendly
Additional Info

Price & Shade

  • 2 sticks - $650.00 plus tax and shipping.
  • White Sticks are an extra $65.00. Painter has to do a different prep.
  • The shades and sticks are custom made for each boat, to get the perfect fit. We can make the shades if you live in the Tampa bay area. (Sarasota, St. Pete, Clearwater and Tampa, FL). If not, we can sell you the sticks, and you can have your local canvas shop make the shade.
  • Simple Shades - I can have the customer measure the shade after I send them the sticks. Three easy measurements.
  • Rocket Launcher Boat Shade comes with two mounts, two carbon breakdown sticks, custom shade and bag.

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